Below is a small sampling of the client services we've engaged in recently on a consultancy basis.


Taking your company public

We work as consultants, offering expertise and guidance throughout this process. We've maintained relationships in the financial services industry with underwriters, broker-dealers, market makers, merchant banks and other commercial financial institutions. 

For a comprehensive fact sheet on taking your company public; the costs, associated requirements, regulations, and alternatives, please review the following Random Walk Consulting memorandum: 


Corporate debt restructuring

The reorganization of a company's outstanding obligations, often achieved by reducing the burden of the debts on the company by decreasing the rates paid and increasing the time to meet the obligation. Companies may also have several different creditors at a variety of interest rates and seniority. Certain situations may dictate that rolling up these creditors into a single first position loan at a comparable rate is the most efficacious solution. Finally, another restructuring solution involves assigning the creditor an equity position in the company in exchange for the creditor forgiving the outstanding debt. These are merely exemplars. Each case is unique and we can assess and engage cases on an individual basis.

Whether your company is over-levered and simply needs relief, or in a growth phase and the debt is a hurdle that must be dealt with, we can assist your firm through the process.


Private investment in public equity

A private investment firm's, mutual fund's or other qualified investors's purchase of stock in a company at a discount to the current market value per share for the purpose of raising capital. There are two main types of PIPEs - traditional and structured. A traditional PIPE is one in which stock, either common or preferred, is issued at a set price to raise capital for the issuer. A structured PIPE, on the other hand, issues convertible debt.

PIPEs are popular due to the relative efficiency in time and cost, compared to more traditional forms of financing such as secondary offerings. In a PIPE offering there are less regulatory issues with the SEC and there is also no need for an expensive roadshow, lowering both the costs and time it takes to receive capital. PIPEs are optimal for small to micro-cap public companies, which have difficulty accessing more traditional forms of equity financing.


Local BK Small Business Initiative

By partnering with the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, Random Walk Consulting has adopted a local small business initiative. This is a separate, niche development that aims to support local Brooklyn businesses. To engage our services for this initiative, business must have an operating track record of two years minimum. Minimum revenue requirements are flexible. We will assess each applicant's risk/reward proposition on a case by case basis.

Local Brooklyn Small Business Initiative applicants should contact us via our dedicated eMail address: